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Student TestimonialAs a first-time college student, the faculty and smaller classes have really helped me move along with my work. I never thought I would be succeeding in college.

Mike, General Studies

Online Learning

Online Learning offers learning experiences in which the students and instructors do not share the same physical space. These courses and programs maintain the quality of on-campus offerings, yet offer convenience and flexibility.

Online Learning enables individuals to create their own schedule, which can be fashioned around their work or family responsibilities. Some courses require on-campus testing or proctored testing at a selected site.

Start Your Online Orientation Here

The Online Orientation for NSCC Web courses and TN eCampus Web courses consists of three basic sections. All online students are required to read all three sections and the appropriate orientation (NSCC Web Course Orientation or TN eCampus Web Course Orientation) before the start of the semester. 

Online Orientation - Click to Begin

PART A: NSCC Web Course or RODP/TN eCampus Web Course?

Determine if you have registered for a NSCC Web Course or a TN eCampus Web Course (Some students may be enrolled in both). To know which course(s) you have enrolled in, check your current course schedule:

  • NSCC Web Courses all end with a suffix as follows:
    Full Term Suffixes: W01, W02, W03, etc. through W39
          Examples: ENGL-1010-W01, ENGL-1010-W02, etc.
    1st 7-Week Session Suffixes: W60–W69
    2nd 7-Week Session Suffixes: W70–W79
  • TN eCampus Web Courses all end with a suffix as follows:
    Full Term Suffix: R50
    1st 7-Week Session Suffix: R01
    2nd 7-Week Session Suffix: R25

PART B: Understanding the Tools of Your Web Course

Click and read the Online Orientation for the course(s) you are enrolled in. In the Online Orientation you will learn how to use all of the tools of an online course. Important: Understand how all the tools work before you login to your Web course. 


PART C: What to Do the First Day of the Semester

*** You cannot login to your Web course(s) until the first day of the semester. ***  The first day of the semester for Web courses is the same day as the first day of the semester for courses that meet on campus.



On the first day of the semester, begin by logging in to your Web course and sending your instructor an e-mail inside of the course:

  • Click on Classlist, click the teacher tab, click the check box to the left of your teacher's name, then click on the email icon (the envelope at the top of the list).

TN eCampus Web Courses use a different password / pin than NSCC Web Courses.



If you have questions, please contact:

Shelley Gross-Gray, Director of Online Learning
E-mail: Shelley.Gross-Gray@nscc.edu • Phone 615-353-3259

Doug Jameson, Coordinator of Online Learning
E-mail: Doug.Jameson@nscc.edu • Phone 615-353-3461

Online Learning Office
Office Hours: Monday–Friday: 8:00 AM–5:30 PM
Weld Building, W-35
on the NSCC Main Campus
120 White Bridge Pike
Nashville, TN 37209

Southern Regional Education Board's Electronic Campus

NSCC participates in the Southern Regional Education Boards Electronic CampusNSCC participates in the Southern Regional Education Board's
Electronic Campus
Website: www.ElectronicCampus.org

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